Dietary Supplements Are More Popular Than Ever

Market Analysis

The Global Dietary Supplements Market was valued at 124.8 billion dollars in 2018 and is expected to reach over 210 billion dollars by 2026. Source

The Widespread Use of Dietary Supplements Across All Age Groups

In recent years, health and fitness has become a massive trend. Millennials, on average, are more aware and conscious about their health and overall physique, leading to a boom in the consumption of dietary supplements. 

A consumer survey conducted by the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) on Dietary Supplements, reveals the highest overall dietary supplement usage to date, with 77% of people reporting they consume dietary supplements. The survey also revealed that the majority of both males and females, aged 18+, take nutritional supplements. Among all age groups, adults between the ages of 35 and 54 have the highest use of dietary supplements at a whopping 81%. Source

Dietary Supplement Market Trends

A Comprehensive Breakup of Dietary Supplement Consumption Source

A recent survey conducted by CRN states that the intake of Dietary Supplements is prevalent amongst the following demographic groups:

  • 79% of female adults
  • 74% of male adults
  • 70% of adults 18 – 34
  • 81% of adults 35 – 54
  • 79% of adults 55+
  • 83% of adults with children under 18 in the household
  • 75% of adults without children under 18 in the household
  • 81% of adults employed full-time
  • 77% of adults employed part-time
  • 68% of adults without employment
  • 76% of retired adults
  • 81% of adults who are married

What Types of Supplements Are the Most Popular? Source

With respect to the types of supplements being consumed, CRN’s 2019 survey found that vitamins and minerals continue to be the most popular supplement category, with around 76% of people having taken these products in the past 12 months. Other popular categories in the United States include:

  • Speciality Supplements (40%)
  • Herbals & Botanicals (39%)
  • Sports Nutrition Supplements (28%)
  • Weight Management Supplements (17%)
Dietary Supplement Market Trends

Are Dietary Supplements Really Beneficial?

For years there have been myths surrounding health supplements and the intake of multivitamins. We’re here to tell you that consuming supplements alongside a balanced diet leads to an array of incremental benefits. 

Supplements assist your body in replenishing the necessary amount of dietary nutrients that it requires every day, in addition to a balanced and nutritional diet. 

They should be taken with the right amount of exercise and sleep, which most people overlook. Supplements are also an excellent way to improve your immune system, giving your body the nutritional boost it needs to work at an optimal level.

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So, Have Dietary Supplements Become Mainstream?

Dietary Supplement Market Trends

Source: Diploma Certificate in Dietary Supplements Advisor

According to Nancy Weindruch, vice president, communications, Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), “While the industry continues to innovate, there is no denying that these regulated products have indeed become mainstream. More than three-quarters of Americans are taking dietary supplements each year; a crystal clear trend that serves as an indicator of the vital role supplementation plays in their overall health and wellness regimens”. Source

Consistent with previous years results, the results from the 2019 CRN survey revealed high overall confidence in the safety and quality of dietary supplements and great trust in the dietary supplement industry. Consumers’ high confidence and trust primarily arise from innovative and responsible companies who are committed to bringing world-class products to the market. 

Government agencies, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), who regulate dietary ingredients, also contribute to higher consumer confidence and trust. It’s the FDA’s enforcement of the law that allows for there to be a wide margin of safety for the dietary supplement industry. 

According to Weindruch, several factors have emerged during the years that have piqued consumer interest and lead to rising awareness about the dietary supplement industry.

“Consumers are taking a more integrative approach to their health, of which nutrition is a core component. With the growth and maturation of the dietary supplement industry, dietary supplements are now mainstream. Consumer access to dietary ingredients has never been greater, considering the number of large, reputable brands that have moved into the space coupled with omnichannel retail.”

Herbals, botanicals and specific supplements such as melatonin showed signs of growth. Meanwhile, multivitamins, vitamin D and vitamin C kept a steady lead ahead of protein, calcium and magnesium supplements. 

In the words of the former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb, Dietary supplements have become a routine part of the American lifestyle. They’re more popular than ever, including among young people. It’s time to ensure that people of all ages can trust the safety of their supplements.

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