HeezOn® Clinically Proven to Improve Men’s Sexual Health 

Did you know? About 100 million men worldwide are estimated to suffer from Male Sexual Dysfunction. 

Erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE) are the two most prevalent male sexual dysfunctions. It has been reported that 52% of men aged 40-70 years experience some degree of erectile difficulty. 

The Global Study of Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors and other sources suggest a global prevalence of PE of approximately 20-30% across all age groups.

Despite the advent of Sildenafil being largely successful in erectile dysfunction (ED), its safety concerns continue to fuel the research drive in sexual medicine. Currently used attempts to treat premature ejaculation with counselling sessions or other behavioural therapies have had only limited success. 

Over and above this, no safe and clinically approved modalities were available for the treatment of premature ejaculation. 

Until now. 

Read ahead to learn more about HeezOn®; the first and only patented botanical complex clinically validated to boost male sexual desire, performance, stamina, spontaneity and satisfaction.

HeezOn® – A New Era in Male Sexual Health

HeezOn® is a patented, all-natural, safe and effective solution to prolong time to ejaculation, quality of orgasm along with better erections.

This dietary supplement is a synergistic combination of 7 standardized botanical extracts which are passed through multiple quality assurance steps, starting with the selection of correct plant species along with right plant parts which are extracted under optimized processing conditions. These quality steps utilize a wide array of modern test methods such as DNA authentication, HPLC etc.

HeezOn® works on male sexual health by enhancing nitric oxide release resulting in better control over secretary activity. Nitric oxide also signals muscles to relax, resulting in vasodilation & increasing blood flow to the penis. Increased dopaminergic activity enhances the readiness of the motor system to respond to sexual stimuli.

HeezOn® also has a list of clinically proven health benefits which include:

  • Reduced associated anxiety which supports a healthy sex life
  • Proven benefits across all-male adult age groups
  • Visible results in 3-4 weeks
  • Non-hormonal, non-spiked male supplements 

Disclaimer: Recent news states that the FDA is going to review testosterone products for their safety again, due to reports that indicate an increased risk of stroke, heart failure in men who are on these therapies. Although natural testosterone boosters are considered to be reasonably safe, one must not ignore the possible risks.

What Is the Target Audience for HeezOn®? 

HeezOn® is best suited for diabetics, as well as men taking nitrates or alpha-blocker drugs where sildenafil is contraindicated. 

HeezOn® can be a stand-alone supplement or be added with other actives in men’s health and healthy ageing supplements. 

This male enhancement pill can help decrease dependency on synthetic products and boost decreased libido when taken with physician-prescribed sildenafil and similar drugs which can only act in the presence of good libido.

What Are Its Clinically Proven Health Benefits?

Study 1: 

Efficacy and Safety of Two Polyherbal Combinations: E-MA-H and E-MA-HP in Male Sexual Dysfunction published in American Journal of therapeutics

  • This is one of the most extensive clinical studies carried out in men’s sexual health; with 148 subjects using validated measurement parameters such as International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF); Index for Premature Ejaculation (IPE), same gold standard tools as used by Viagra®. 
  • Results showed 67% improvement in erectile function, 64% improvement in premature ejaculation and 48% in overall sexual satisfaction. 91% of the study participants expressed a willingness to continue therapy. 
  • Most consumers start experiencing the benefits of HeezOn within three weeks and enjoyed full results over eight weeks.
  • Female partners of the active group demonstrated greater scores of treatment satisfaction as compared to placebo.

Source: https://journals.lww.com/americantherapeutics/Abstract/2011/03000/Efficacy_and_Safety_of_Two _Polyherbal.13.aspx 

HeezOn®’s Quality Certifications

To prove its authenticity, consistent quality, price and supply, this energy-boosting health supplement has a range of quality certifications:

  • Health Canada approved
  • ISO 22000:2005
  • Halal compliant & Kosher certified
  • Botanical ID verified
  • United states patent
  • Non-GMO report
  • Allergen statement

HeezOn® is currently available in North America & Canada. 

Providing a long-term solution for men’s health, HeezOn® is a 100% vegetarian ingredient that tackles sexual performance associated anxiety and promotes a feeling of well being. This dietary supplement improves sexual stamina from within to bring back the joys of spontaneity in a man’s sex life.

Add the missing ingredient to your product now For more information contact info@enovatebiolife.com.