Indian Tree Bark Extract Oxyjun® Clinically Proven To Improve Cardio-Endurance in Athletes

According to a recent study conducted by the National Institute of Health, sudden cardiac death is the most common medical cause of death in athletes, with an incidence of around 1 in 40,000 to 1 in 80,000 athletes per year. Source

For decades, several medicinal plants have been known to treat, cure or prevent cardiac ailments using Ayurveda. 

During past research, one particular extract from the Arjuna Bark (Terminalia arjuna), revealed its potential benefits for use in heart-health supplements.

Since then, Arjuna extract has been considered to be useful in preventing:

  • Heart Ailments
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Heart Disease & Failure
  • Anginal Coronary Artery Disease
  • Hypertension and 
  • Ischemic Cardiomyopathy

At Enovate Biolife, we conducted a clinical study to prove that Oxyjun®, an extract developed by us from Arjuna Bark, increases cardiovascular efficiency, improves cardiac conditioning in young men and supports heart safety and performance in athletes.

Read ahead to learn more about how we harnessed the power of Arjuna to create Oxyjun®; an essential heart fuel for athletes. 

What is Oxyjun®?

Oxyjun® is the only arjunolic acid-free and DNA-authenticated extract of Arjuna clinically proven to support heart health and cardio endurance for active adults. It is a proprietary extract of Terminalia arjuna, removed using a hydrothermal process (water at a specific temperature and pressure). 

Oxyjun® has clinically proven heart health benefits in healthy adults which include:

  • Supporting normal heart muscle function
  • Improving heart pumping capacity
  • Allowing users to exercise longer with higher intensity without exhaustion
  • Enhancing performance by stronger contractions, ejection fractions and cardiac output
  • Increasing VO2max & reducing the rate of perceived exertion without any cardiac stress or injury

Why Do Athletes Require Oxyjun®?

While exercising, seemingly fit athletes are usually unaware of their low LVEF or Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction. A low LVEF spells trouble, indicating that the left ventricle is not contracting sufficiently to pump enough blood out of their hearts, leading to gradual heart failure. 

Over the years, sudden cardiac death (SCD) is the most frequent medical cause of sudden death in athletes.

Clinically proven to increase cardiac outflow by increasing the pumping capacity of the heart, Oxyjun® effectively manages the ejection fraction, making a significant impact on the quality of athlete workouts and endurance.


It also assists sportspeople in strengthening their heart muscles, supporting healthy circulation, and promoting proper oxygenation through the body.


Oxyjun® can also be easily formulated into capsules, tablets, pre/post workout bars, powdered drinks and heart health support formulas.

Is Oxyjun® Suitable for Sportspeople Only?

While Oxyjun® is best suited to improve sports performance, all kinds of athletes; young, old, professionals, weekend warriors and serious sportspeople can make use of this heart supplement. 

For a healthy heart formula, Oxyjun® can be combined with well-known ingredients like Coq10, Omega 3 to develop a complete cardiovascular health formula.

Oxyjun® is also an ideal fatigue-fighting fuel since it is proven to improve endurance, VO2max and reduce exertion. 

What Are Its Clinically Proven Health Benefits?

Several clinical studies were undertaken to prove the effect of Oxyjun® on the heart health of athletes.

Study 1: 

Effects of Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) and Terminalia arjuna (Arjuna) on physical performance and cardiorespiratory endurance in young, healthy exercising adults.

  • Forty young subjects divided into four groups were administered Ashwagandha, Terminalia arjuna, placebo and combination of Ashwagandha & Terminalia Arjuna for eight weeks. 
  • The volunteers receiving Terminalia arjuna demonstrated a significant increase in maximum oxygen consumption capacity (VO2 max). It also led to lowered systolic blood pressure. The average absolute power of the lower limbs also increased with Terminalia Arjuna. 

Study 2: 

Effect of E-OJ-01 on Cardiac Conditioning in Young Exercising Adults: A Randomized Controlled Trial published in the American Journal of Therapeutics. Source: ac_Conditioning_in_Young.40.aspx

The study was conducted on 32 participants performing endurance exercises over 56 days. The study demonstrated that taking 400mg of Oxyjun® daily led to:

  • Improvement in LVEF (Left ventricle ejection fraction) which implies that it improved the heart’s capacity to pump more blood in every beat.
  • Reduction of RV-MPI (Right ventricle Myocardial performance index) which is of primary concern in athletes – This implies an improvement of endurance and VO2 max
  • Significant improvement in the Borg scale of perceived exertion scores, this scale is endorsed by Harvard School of Public Health for evaluating anti-fatigue effects.
  • The study also showed a decreasing trend in CK-MB and Troponin – plasma markers that indicate the safety of Oxyjun® for the heart.

Study 3: 

Enovate Biolife conducted a study to assess the effect of Oxyjun® on systemic inflammation in people with a sedentary lifestyle by evaluating the HDL-C and NLR levels. 

It was found that Oxyjun® could significantly reduce the ratio in 56 days as compared to baseline (p < 0.001), whereas placebo failed to do so. 

The HDL levels were also found to be increasing in the Oxyjun® group by 4.04 mg/dL, whereas, it reduced in the placebo group by 1.22 mg/dL. 

This led to a significant reduction in the fatigue level in the participants consuming OxyjunTM for 56 days.

Animal Study: 

Pre-clinical evaluation of extracts of Terminalia arjuna in increasing the cardiac output in isolated perfused rat heart (Animal study)

This animal study for Oxyjun® showed an increase in cardiac output in the high dose group which was statistically significant (p<0.05) compared with the control group.

Does Oxyjun® Have Any Quality Certifications?

To prove its authenticity, consistent quality, price and supply, this Ayurvedic bark extract has various quality certifications:

  • Botanical ID verified
  • Non-GMO report
  • ISO 22000:2005
  • Halal compliant & kosher certified
  • Allergen statement
  • Melamine statement
  • Pesticide analysis report
  • BSE statement
  • HACCP 

We encourage you to give your heart the energy and fuel it requires. With its array of benefits, Oxyjun® is a must for all sports and fitness enthusiasts and brands: Oxyjun® – Enovate Biolife

Add the missing ingredient to your product and life now.