Rapid Joint Relief & Low Back Support

Optimal Low Dose Formula


Muvz is a proprietary blend of Vitex negundo and Zingiber officinale phyto-actives, providing effective and safe pain relief at a low dose of 200 mg. It provides clinically meaningful and highly significant knee pain relief in just 3.38 hours and improves low back functionality in just 7 days.

Muvz is non-GMO, 100% solvent-free, allergen-free, preservative-free, and Made with Organic Vitex negundo leaves.

First ever product to support BOTH knee joint and low back

Same day pain relief
Relief in 3 hours
Rare ingredient for low back support

Authentic Extract Made with Precision


  • Variety selected from 7 samples across India
  • Organically grown, chemical-free
  • Sustainable harvesting practices to prevent soil erosion
  • Known to potentiate the effect of popular NSAIDs



  • Rare pesticide-free farming
  • Lower in Sulphur compounds
  • Lower in Aflatoxins
  • Well-researched for
    anti-inflammatory / analgesic properties



  • Standardized for Flavonoids
  • Acute analgesic effect starts within 2 hours
  • 5x Improvement in low back functionality in 7 days
  • Improves forward bending flexibility

Add the missing ingredient to your product

Muvz - Proprietary Clinical Research

Human study proving Rapid joint pain relief

Human study proving Low back support


Randomized, Placebo-controlled, Double-blind, Cross-Over Study

Forty adults with an exercise-induced pain score of 60mm or more on pain VAS were taken

Time to achieve meaningful pain relief was measured

Pain reduction was checked

Randomized, Placebo-controlled, Double-blind, Parallel-Group Study

Seventy two adults with persistent low back discomfort were taken

Improvement in day-to-day physical functioning was assessed by

  • change in functional activity,
  • bending flexibility,
  • pain intensity,
  • work productivity, and
  • sleep quality

Sustained effect for 7 days after stopping the product intake was checked

  • Rapid onset of action, analgesic effect started in 2 hours
  • Clinically meaningful pain relief was observed in 3.38 hours with a low dose of 200 mg, as against no relief at 4 hours in placebo
  • Continuous reduction in post-exertion VAS scores was observed : 19% at 2 hours to 35% at 4 hours from the baseline
  • Pain relief achieved was highly significant compared to placebo (p<0.0001) at all time points
  • Five-fold improvement was observed in low back functionality in just 7 days
  • 16% reduction in low back pain was observed in just 7 days and further consistent reduction up to 42% was observed  in 30 days
  • Sustained low back pain reduction was observed on the pain VAS scores till 7 days of supplement discontinuation
  • Improve bending flexibility by 40% was observed in 30 days

Muvz works best for...

Muvz is particularly well suited for those who seek to stay fit for a healthy lifestyle and experience knee joint pain on physical exercise.

Muvz is even useful for those who are mostly sedentary and experience moderate to severe low back pain.

Muvz - The Clear Choice

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