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Jayesh, an admired veteran of the nutraceutical industry, is a strong believer in the saying, “It takes innovation for the extraordinary to happen.” He has dedicated more than 2 decades of his career to developing and commercializing proven natural ingredients. One of the pioneers to bring Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and other stringent standards to natural product research, Jayesh is a celebrated alumni of a reputed Pharmacy college in Mumbai and the University of Minnesota in the US. He has co-authored numerous articles & papers about trends in the nutra industry and continues to be thought leader in nutraceutical clinical development.

Amol is a registered pharmacist and completed full time MBA in USA on merit university scholarship. He has long international experience in healthcare products & services. Since 1999 Amol has championed Indian natural products on numerous platforms to various stakeholders such as consumers, regulatory agencies, practitioners, professional associations, media agencies, athletes etc. across nearly 40 countries. During this time Amol has been part of the evolution of Indian natural products from traditional Ayurveda into various health categories such as dietary supplements, functional foods, medical foods, FOSHU, Bio-active derivative, herbal remedies, sports nutrition and phyto-pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Shalini is Doctor of Medicine (MD) and a certified clinical research professional. Dr. Shalini with her rich experience heads the clinical development team. She mentors and manages a team of professionals in the planning and execution of clinical studies. Her areas of expertise cover the whole gamut of clinical research from study design to publication. Dr. Shalini is also category expert for a diverse range of structure-function claims including joint health, sports nutrition, men’s health, digestive health, cognition, etc.

Roots for coagulating milk or male sexual health

Although hugely popular, Withania somnifera is often contaminated with related species Withania coagulans. Withania coagulans is also important plant for its property of coagulating milk. To ensure the best male sexual health benefits HeezOn® uses only DNA authenticated roots of Withania somnifera. DNA finger printing of Withania somnifera roots.

Alpinia galanga or Alpinia calcarata

Out of several species of Alpinia, three most commonly grown species are Alpinia galanga, Alpinia calcarata and Alpinia officinarum. The roots of Alpinia galanga and Alpinia officinarum are well identified in trade as greater and lesser galangal respectively. But the roots of Alpinia galanga and Alpinia calcarata appear very similar to the untrained eye and hence any adulteration or substitution can go unnoticed. Because of the close similarities between Alpinia calcarata and Alpinia galanga, a macroscopy, microscopy and DNA testing together helped authenticate EnXtra® raw material. 

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