Long-term Men’s Health Solution
HeezOn® is the first and only patented botanical complex clinically validated to boost male sexual desire, performance, stamina, spontaneity and satisfaction. HeezOn® starts showing results in 2 weeks.
Patented Botanical Ingredient

Well suited for people taking nitrates, alpha-blockers and sildenafil

All Natural, Non-spiked

Authentic extracts made with precision

Add the missing ingredient to your product

HeezOn® – Original Published Research

Published Human Study

148 healthy men
11650 data points
Same standard tools as used by Viagra
Only study capturing partner satisfaction
Placebo controlled, 60 day study

Significant improvement in erectile function vs. 26% in placebo

Improvement in partner satisfaction index vs 61% subjects taking placebo

Significant improvement in time to ejaculation vs. 25% in placebo

Men using HeezOn® confirmed "desire to continue"

HeezOn® works best for...

HeezOn® is well suited for diabetics, as well as men taking nitrates or alpha blocker drugs where sildenafil is contraindicated. HeezOn® can be a stand-alone supplement or be added with other actives in men’s health and healthy aging supplements. HeezOn® can help decrease dependency on synthetic products and boost libido when taken with physician-prescribed sildenafil and similar drugs which can only act in the presence of good libido.

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Roots for coagulating milk or male sexual health

Although hugely popular, Withania somnifera is often contaminated with related species Withania coagulans. Withania coagulans is also important plant for its property of coagulating milk. To ensure the best male sexual health benefits HeezOn® uses only DNA authenticated roots of Withania somnifera. DNA finger printing of Withania somnifera roots.

Alpinia galanga or Alpinia calcarata

Out of several species of Alpinia, three most commonly grown species are Alpinia galanga, Alpinia calcarata and Alpinia officinarum. The roots of Alpinia galanga and Alpinia officinarum are well identified in trade as greater and lesser galangal respectively. But the roots of Alpinia galanga and Alpinia calcarata appear very similar to the untrained eye and hence any adulteration or substitution can go unnoticed. Because of the close similarities between Alpinia calcarata and Alpinia galanga, a macroscopy, microscopy and DNA testing together helped authenticate EnXtra® raw material. 

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