Essential Heart Fuel for Everyone

Oxyjun® is the only arjunolic acid-free and DNA-authenticated extract of Arjuna clinically proven to improve heart health and cardio endurance for active adults.

Support normal heart muscle function
Fatigue-fighting fuel to drive your workout
One small daily serving

Oxyjun®– Identity verified & Sustainably harvested

Terminalia arjuna is adulterated with morphological fake barks of Kavalama urens. Oxyjun® arjuna bark is authenticated using DNA based identification method

Expert manual collection of arjuna bark using strip harvesting method

Only outer and middle bark layers are harvested. The conserved inner layer helps humidity & promotes regeneration process of the bark

Add the missing ingredient to your product

Oxyjun®- Original Published Research

Confirmatory Study

8 week study

32 healthy exercising adults
Oxyjun® (400mg) vs Placebo

Significant decrease in exertion level as 86.7% subjects who perceived exercise as very or extremely hard at baseline however 100% of them perceived the exercise lighter at day 56

5.6% increase in
heart’s blood pumping
capacity (LVEF) vs 2%
in placebo

Gold standard markers
serum creatine kinase
and Troponin T
remained normal,
signaling protection of
the heart


Latest Study

8 week study

72 healthy exercising adults

Oxyjun® (400mg) vs Placebo

6.28% increase in the LVEF

22.52% decrease in Fatigue

1.54% decrease in RPP

5.90% decreased in GGT

No adverse effects were observed


Oxyjun® works best for...

Oxyjun® is suitable for young and old, professionals, weekend warriors and serious athletes. It is well suited to be formulated into capsules, tablets, pre/post workout bars, powdered drinks and heart health support formulas.

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Roots for coagulating milk or male sexual health

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