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Quality assured for athletes

RedNite® is the 1st fresh beetroot concentrate powder to be standardized for 1.5%-2.75% natural nitrate. It is completely water soluble with lovely red colour and pleasant taste.

RedNite® is free from nitrites and synthetic nitrates .

10 times more nitrate
than beetroot

10 times more antioxidants than beetroot

Delivers natural nitrate with betalains & polyphenols

RedNite® is truly unique

Beetroot grown with a consistent seed variety and harvested only in a specific season
Controlled farming conditions to ensure no bolting of beets and higher yields

Fresh beetroot processed within
 hours from harvesting

Low temp process optimized to ensure best colour and actives

Add the missing ingredient to your product

RedNite® – Original Published Research

Performance during heavy resistance exercise
14 resistance-trained men 3 day study
Nitrate rich vs Nitrate poor supplement

Increased mean peak EMG amplitude and lowered motor unit firing rates. This suggests improved neuromuscular efficiency of force production

Enhanced resistance to fatigue

Provided neuromuscular advantages during resistance exercise

Recently during Nov 2023 a new clinical study was published in European Journal of Nutrition for a REDNITE® based chewable supplement showing same day improvements in some aspects of cognitive function in males & females, particularly memory capacity and frontal skills. This study becomes a latest addition to the body of evidence for beet root nitrates supplementation on cognitive performance.

Same day rapid support for memory capacity & frontal skills!

  • Same day improvement for short term memory
  • Improves cognitive flexibility leading to better multitasking
  • Improve frontal skull as well as lexical and memory capacity leads to enhanced general cognitive capacity 

RedNite® works best for...

Serving size of nitrate standardized beetroot powder can vary depending on other ingredients and intended primary use of the final formula. We have satisfied customers using 500 mg to 3 grams serving size for RedNite®. Dose is lower for chewable product like sports bars, lozenges, functional foods, etc.

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Roots for coagulating milk or male sexual health

Although hugely popular, Withania somnifera is often contaminated with related species Withania coagulans. Withania coagulans is also important plant for its property of coagulating milk. To ensure the best male sexual health benefits HeezOn® uses only DNA authenticated roots of Withania somnifera. DNA finger printing of Withania somnifera roots.

Alpinia galanga or Alpinia calcarata

Out of several species of Alpinia, three most commonly grown species are Alpinia galanga, Alpinia calcarata and Alpinia officinarum. The roots of Alpinia galanga and Alpinia officinarum are well identified in trade as greater and lesser galangal respectively. But the roots of Alpinia galanga and Alpinia calcarata appear very similar to the untrained eye and hence any adulteration or substitution can go unnoticed. Because of the close similarities between Alpinia calcarata and Alpinia galanga, a macroscopy, microscopy and DNA testing together helped authenticate EnXtra® raw material. 

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